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keyboards, vocals

Where From: (Borrowing & revising a quote from Capt. James T. Kirk…): “I’m from Washington State, I only live and work in California…”

Favorite Bands/Artists: So very many, but drilling down in no particular order: Moby Grape, The Fabulous Wailers, Night Ranger, Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, Hendrix, (early) Jethro Tull, and any keyboard player who makes the Hammond Organ sound like the voice of God…

Hobbies: Traveling to places I haven’t been before or, revisiting my favorite places, consuming mass quantities of delicious comestibles, immersing myself in quality computer games. And, did I mention playing in GLR??:…

Favorite Beverage: I favor the “Reinheitsgebot”, that is, any good beer made with water, hops, barley malt, and yeast…

Favorite Food: Any way to serve excellent various types of pasta, my wife’s world-class gravy, smoking meats at home, and, I guess, genuine German Wurst…

Shoe Size: Around 12, but who the hell cares, ‘cause I love to be barefoot, or, at least, in sandals.