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Bruce Campbell was born in San Francisco, but raised in Contra Costa County during the 60's and 70's. He got his first guitar at 9 years old and formed a band 20 minutes later.

The excitement of the Beatles got him going, but the edginess and danger of bands like the Stones, Deep Purple and the Allman Brothers defined his real musical direction.

Bruce does have considerable weaknesses for musical styles as varied as 70's power pop, classic country (especially from Bakersfield and Nashville), bluegrass and raw blues, and all of this color his playing, whether it's on guitar, bass, banjo or mandolin.

His favorite color is plaid, like any good Scotsman, and his favorite food is beer and his favorite drink is maple syrup, Scotch and bacon. He doesn't expect to live to a very ripe old age, but he's prepared to deal with it if he does.

His favorite sounds are babies laughing, the female voice and Fender guitars.


guitars,  vocals