Welcome to the rodeo...


And don’t let the name fool you. Garageland Rodeo is neither a garage band nor country band. We’re a free-wheeling, 7 piece powerhouse that revels in playing rock and blues, with a lot of soul.

Formed in 2004, Garageland Rodeo is comprised of seasoned musicians that bring a broad diversity of influences to the stage. We take pride in our craft (whether unplugged or fully charged) and play for events of all kinds—from music fests to weddings to wine bars to dive bars. Armed with both original songs as well as an eclectic mix of covers, we’ve come together to create our own distinct sound, original style, and warm, welcoming energy. Mostly, we just love to play.

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Meet the Band

Pat Brady: Bass, Vocals
Chris Bryant aka “cb” : Guitars, Vocals
Bruce Campbell: Guitars ,Vocals
Tod Dauer: Keyboards
Matt Sanchez: Drums, Percussion
Barbara Quinlan Tudda: Lead Vocals
Erol Gokbora: Saxophone


Friends and family who drop in from time to time:
Kelly Back: Guitars: Vocals
Jim Carrompas: Guitar: Vocals
Mike Chase: Keyboards: Vocals
John Gajan: Bass, Vocals
Jay Olson: Harp
Jenny Starmack : Vocals
Charles Waltmire: Drums, Percussion 

The Horny Boyz
Christian Ortiz: Saxophone
Zach Ramacier: Trumpet
Evan Waltmire: Saxophone

...no one leaves the rodeo forever..by choice