The GarageLand Ro-Duo

(cb & jenny)

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Playing together in classic rock band, GarageLand Rodeo for more than six years,  Chris Bryant (CB) and Jenny Starmack often found themselves playing songs at an open mic, or breaking out the acoustic guitar on a quiet weekend afternoon.  Soon these musings turned into a focused effort to create a set that they could actually play for an audience.  Hence,  GarageLand Ro-Duo became a reality and since then CB and Jenny have been hitting Happy Hour and Acoustic Venues all over the Bay Area. 

Their set list is pretty diverse, all the way from acoustic versions of classic rock and blues to some heartfelt ballads and even some originals, Jenny enjoys the acoustic feel  "It gives us a chance to do some things you just can't do in a six-piece rock band and CB is the perfect accompanist, he knows my heart".     

Both Chris and Jenny have been playing music most of their lives, albeit not together until 2005.  CB has been grounded in Traditional Rock and Blues, while Jenny's background in Gospel and Folk- Rock lends itself to a like minded merge of fun and music played with a lot of soul.    


GarageLand Ro-Duo

Ro-Duo Sampler Live at Armando’s